Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski lives and works in the Los Angeles area. Her work uses lush oils on linen canvas to explore the formal elements of painting while depicting figures, animals and elements of nature. Her sincere imagery speaks to the notions of beauty, abundance and loss.

Anne-Elizabeth is currently working on a series of fused glass windows for fire station 104 in Santa Clarita, California, a project commissioned by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture. For the project, Anne-Elizabeth enlisted fellow Art Center graduate Tim Carey and South Pasadena-based Judson Studios, who will fabricate the windows based on Sobieski’s designs and direction. Longtime Santa Clarita firefighter Rich Hall, also an artist, acted as a liaison on the project.

The theme of “fire” has played an integral part in Anne- Elizabeth’s life: when she was 17 years old, her childhood home in Pasadena burned to the ground in an electrical fire. Today, decades later, her two grown sons are Emergency Medical Technicians. In creating the windows for the fire station, Sobieski wanted their design and imagery to capture the tradition, camaraderie, service and excellence that reflect the life of a firefighter.

Anne-Elizabeth received an MFA from Claremont Graduate University and a BFA from Art Center College of Design. Her work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and arts organizations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Denver, St. Louis and Shanghai, China among others. She has been an art instructor at high schools and universities including Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Pomona College and Art Center College of Design.